The Ragtime Century

Max Morath, Piano


Max is ragtimes "leading statesman" and best known entertainer. This was one of our first CDs and still one of my favorites. Features "Classic" rags along with stride, novelty and "tin pan alley" rags like "The Rooster Rag" by Muriel Pollock. This album is becoming limited.

Released 1991

1. Brittwood Rag-- 2. Fig Leaf Rag-- 3. Swipsey Cakewalk-- 4. Pickles & Peppers-- 5. Ragtime Nightingale-- 6. Rooster Rag-- 7. Lacuna Blues-- 8. Heliotrope Bouquet-- 9. Polyragmic-- 10. Golden Hours-- 11. Old Mortality-- 12. Over The Bars-- 13. Elite Syncopations-- 14. Scott Joplins New Rag-- 15. Euphonic Sounds-- 16. The Cannonball.

"Rooster Rag"