Wild Romantic Blues

Tamas Ittzes, Piano/Violin


Hungarian violinist-pianist, Tamas plays duets with himself on this groundbreaking album. One-half of the 23 selections are piano solos. Many of the selections here are from our Early Blues Folios.

1. Wild Romantic Blues-- 2. Tin Whistle Blues-- 3. Kiss Me Sweet-- 4. Never Let No One Man worry Your Mind-- 5. The Carolina Blues-- 6. The Fives-- 7. Freakish Blues-- 8. Irresitible Blues-- 9. Charleston Clarinet Blues-- 10. War Bride Blues-- 11. Paradise Blues-- 12. Monday Morning Blues-- 13. Blue Law Sunday Blues-- 14. Jerry The Junker-- 15. Black Cat Blues-- 16. Alabama Blues-- 17. Louisville Blues-- 18. Jogo Blues-- 19. It Takes a Long Tall Brownskin Gal To Make A Preacher Lay His Bible Down-- 20. You're Such A Cruel Papa To Me-- 21. A Bunch Of Blues-- 22. Regretful Blues-- 23. You'll Want Me Back Someday

Title Track