Those Southern Blues

Trebor Tichenor, Piano


This was our first CD of "Early Blues" piano music. Trebor is a master of this style. The album contains several hot/pop tunes for contrast.

Released 1995

1. I've Got A Gal-- 2. Those Southern Blues-- 3. Them Doggone Triflin Blues-- 4. Floatin Down The Old Green river-- 5. Dallas Blues-- 6. Those Navy Blues-- 7. Sister Kate-- 8. Nobodys Sweetheart Now-- 9. Medley-Joe Turner/Pallet on The Floor-- 10. Market Street Blues-- 11. Tipperary Blues-- 12. Someday Sweetheart-- 13. Wandering Blues-- 14. Useless Blues--- 15. Kansas City Blues-- 16. Joyman Blues-- 17. Sweet Substitute-- 18. Chattanooga Blues-- 19. Hesitating Blues-- 20. Tin Whistle Blues-- 21. Frankie & Johnny-- 22. Everybody Stomp-- 23. Down & Out Blues-- 24. Kansas City Blues-- 25. Tain't Nobodys Business.-- 74+ minutes of music

You get your moneys worth with PianoMania. We fill the cds up with music. No puny 10 or 12 tracks here!

Frankie & Johnny