That Demon Rag

Elliott Adams, Piano

Stomp-Off CD-1299

This CD was recorded at PianoMania and released on the "Stomp-Off" label. A delicious compilation of seldom heard tunes. "Majestic Rag" is a good example. It was an early piece published in New Orleans and has that jazz influence. 19 tunes in all.

Released 1996

1. Sycamore Saplin-- 2. Agitation Rag-- 3. That Demon Rag-- 4. Indigo Blues--5. Universal Rag-- 6. Texas Fox Trot-- 7. The Bell Hop Rag-- 8. Ragtime Eyes-- 9. The Levee Rag-- 10. The Sand Dancers-- 11. The Hummer Rag-- 12. Alabama Jigger-- 13. Sneaky Shuffles-- 14. Armadillo Rag-- 15. Majestic Rag-- 16. The Bee-Hive Rag-- 17. The Bully Rag-- 18. Shave 'Em Dry-- 19. Sunshine Capers.

Majestic Rag

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