Trebor had recorded many albums on LP, but this, his first CD was nearly twenty years in coming. It was recorded at PianoMania and released on the "Stomp-Off" label. We have since recorded two more cds of Trebor.

1. Encore Rag-- 2. Distant Lights-- 3. Colonial Glide-- 4. Bully Rag-- 5.Tempus Ragorum-- 6. Apeda Rag-- 7. Peroxide Rag-- 8. Deep in The Ozarks-- 9. Barrelhouse Rag-- 10. T.S. Elliott Socirty Rag-- 11. Ragtime Reverie-- 12. Uncle Tom-- 13. Ozark Rag-- 14. Rathskellar Drag-- 15. Pork and Beans-- 16. Coffee Rag-- 17. Twist & Twirl Rag-- 18. Ghosts of The Missouri Back Roads-- 19. That Cherry Rag-- 20. Klondyke Rag-- 21. Rosewood Rag-- 22. A Ragtime Nightmare-- 23. The Vinters Dream-- 24. Stompin The Grapes.

Recorded 1993, released 1994


Tempus Ragorum

Trebor Tichenor, Piano

Stomp-Off CD-

Deep In The Ozarks