This is our second recording and first CD. Released by Dick on his "American Ragtime" label. He researced what was the biggest selling ragtime compositions of all time and that is what is included here. 18 selections. Of course, "The Entertainer" is included.

1. Dill Pickles-- 2. Some Of These Days-- 3. 12th Street Rag-- 4. The Memphis Blues-- 5. The Entertainers Rag-- 6. Ragtime Hits By Percy Wenrich(Medley)-- 7. Temptation Rag-- 8. The Entertainer-- 9. Waiting For The Robert E. Lee-- 10. Everybody Two Step-- 11. Alexanders Ragtime Band-- 12. Black & White Rag-- 13. Oh! You Beautiful Doll-- 14. At A Georgia Camp Meeting-- 15. Canadian Capers-- 16. Grizzly Bear Rag-- 17. Alabama Jubilee-- 18. Maple Leaf Rag.

Released 1993


Ragtime Favorites

Richard Zimmerman, Piano


Alexander's Rag Time Band